TV Dramas

2007 | Time Between Dog and Wolf

  • Role: Lee Soo Hyun/Kay
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16

After his mother is brutally murdered by the Triad in Thailand, Soo-hyun (Lee Joon-Gi]) is adopted by NIS agent Kang Joong-ho, and he grows up with Min-ki (Jung Kyoung-Ho) like brothers. Min-ki and Soo-hyun both become NIS agents later on. One fateful day, Soo-hyun meets Ji-woo (Nam Sang-Mi) after last seeing her in Thailand when he was a child. They start dating. assignment to infiltrate the Triad and Soo-hyun takes the job. Soo-hyun fakes his death and assumes a new identity to become a member of the Triad. With his fake identity and new name, he prowls the back alleys of Bangkok…

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