TV Dramas

2009 | Hero

  • Role: Jin Do-hyuk
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16

Do-hyeok Jin (Lee Joon-Gi) works as a journalist for a third-rate newspaper. He lost his parents at an early age, after they were involved in a fatal hit and run car accident. Do-hyeok was left with only his older sister Do-hee (Jang Young-Nam). Although Do-hee is older than Do-heyok she is immature and impulsive. Whenever Do-hyeok has money his sister would take his money. Because of his poor financial situation Do-hyeok was unable to attend college. This created a temporary roadblock for Do-hyeok. He always dreamed of becoming a journalist like his father. Do-heyok wanted to work at the prestigious “Daese Ilbo,” but because of his lack of college education he could never work there. Instead Do-hyeok works for the third rate news rag “Monday Seoul”. Even though the “Monday Seoul” is several orders lower than the “Daese Ilbo,” Do-hyeok works with passion and uses any means necessary to cover a story.

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