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FREE Membership Offers

So to get this club started off right we have an offer for anyone that want to join.



So for our first offer, we are giving away FIVE (5) SILVER membership packages for (1) One Year chosen randomly. All you need to do is post a comment in this post and answer these 3 questions.

  1. Why do you like Lee JoonGi?
  2. What would you do if you met Lee JoonGi and had time to have a conversation with him?
  3. What would you like your membership experience to be like here at JoonGi International?

Then fill out this form via paypal. And that is it! Deadline is February 10, 2013. We’ll notify winners on February 15th via email.


Our Second Offer is a TRIAL membership for the BRONZE package for February. Just click on the link in our membership benefits page and sign up. You won’t be charged for 30 days. But make sure you cancel the subscription if you don’t want to stay a member, otherwise you’ll be charged. However you can only sign up from today until February 5, 2013 for the Trial membership.

And for both of these packages you will receive ALL member benefits included the member package

One reply on “FREE Membership Offers”

Hello, I am Lori from Puerto Rico, you have a nice page here ^^, than you:

1) Why do you like Lee JoonGi?

What i like about him is, he look like a person who always feel good and happy to make his fans happy, in other words he is a humble person, he demonstrates his feelings towards the public, and also his personality is really good, as much as i can see through the pc or tv, he likes to make people smile and also enjoy his work, he is really professional and also think about others. Also he is really handsome man, but what I really like about an artist is his behavior with the people.

2) What would you do if you met Lee JoonGi and had time to have a conversation with him?

I think mostly ask how he can manage a busy schedule like that, also have time for himself, i know is pretty hard but i’m curious about how he manages time and also reporters, i know reporters could be so annoying and maybe don’t let him to be alone, what a human most like is to be quite and sometimes have time for himself, so I’m curious how he do to do it, also hope he can rest sometimes, i’m not talking about work only, also about reporters and scandals, because he is not just only one more star or actor he is a human, he have right to be happy also, maybe i can help him to look for alternatives to have pacific time or maybe just treat him as human and not like a star, i dont know if he will enjoy that but sometimes all of us need a friend.

3) What would you like your membership experience to be like here at JoonGi International?

I want a nice experience, just like to know a little more about his projects, without bothering him or without making questions that inspire reporters to annoy him, I’m just waiting his announcements, not pushing him to make them, he is the important person here so we have to make an adaptation to his schedule, also i want to try to encourage him as person, fan or friends to continue doing a great work and also taking care of his health and body, because that is the most important thing, also i want to let him know I am proud of him and i love his work, but also he need time for himself, his friends family or love, he is also human, i really dont get how some people annoy stars and don’t want them to have love or happines, well ^w^ take care people who read this sorry for take so long have a nice day, thank you for the oportunitty, and Mr. Joong Gi , take care ^^ keep working hard, but not so hard ^^ take it easy sometimes also! Thanks!

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