Drama Portfolio

2019 | Hotel Del Luna

Role: exorcist (ep.3)

  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16

Jang Man-Wol (IU) is the CEO of Hotel del Luna. The hotel is situated in downtown in Seoul and has a very old appearance. She made a big error many years ago and, because of this, she has been stuck at Hotel del Luna. She is beautiful, but she is fickle, suspicious and greedy.

Koo Chan-Sung (Yeo Jin-Goo) worked as the youngest assistant manager ever at a multinational hotel corporation. He is a sincere perfectionist. He looks level-headed, but he actually has a soft disposition. Due to an unexpected case, he begins to work as a manager at Hotel del Luna. The hotel’s clientele consists of ghosts.

2017 | Criminal Minds: Korea

Role: Kim Hyun-Joon

  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 20

Profilers investigate cases from the perspective of the criminals to solve the cases.

2016 | 7 First Kisses

Role: himself

2015 | Scholar Who Walks the Night

Role: Kim Sung-yeol

  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 20

A daughter from a collapsed noble family, due to being branded a traitor, dresses up like a man and goes out to sell books. She meets an attractive scholar walking at night, but the scholar is actually vampire.

2013 | Two Weeks

Role: Jang Tae-san

  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16

A man named Tae-San (Lee Joon-Gi) lives his life meaninglessly. He is falsely accused of murder. The man learns that he has a young daughter stricken with leukemia. For the next two weeks, he struggles to save his daughter.

8 years ago, Tae-San and In-Hye (Park Ha-Sun) were involved in a romantic relationship. At the time, Tae-San was a member of a crime gang and worked for crime boss Moon Il-Seok (Jo Min-Gi). One day, Moon Il-Seok ordered Tae-San to take the wrap for a murder charge that Moon Il-Seok committed. If Tae-San refuses, Moon Il-Seok threatens to kill his girlfriend In-Hye, who is pregnant at the time. Tae-San agrees to take the fall and goes to prison, but first he takes In-Hye to an abortion clinic. In-Hye has no idea why Tae-San changed.

2009 | Hero

Role: Jin Do-hyuk

  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16

Do-hyeok Jin (Lee Joon-Gi) works as a journalist for a third-rate newspaper. He lost his parents at an early age, after they were involved in a fatal hit and run car accident. Do-hyeok was left with only his older sister Do-hee (Jang Young-Nam). Although Do-hee is older than Do-heyok she is immature and impulsive. Whenever Do-hyeok has money his sister would take his money. Because of his poor financial situation Do-hyeok was unable to attend college. This created a temporary roadblock for Do-hyeok. He always dreamed of becoming a journalist like his father. Do-heyok wanted to work at the prestigious “Daese Ilbo,” but because of his lack of college education he could never work there. Instead Do-hyeok works for the third rate news rag “Monday Seoul”. Even though the “Monday Seoul” is several orders lower than the “Daese Ilbo,” Do-hyeok works with passion and uses any means necessary to cover a story.

2007 | Time Between Dog and Wolf

Role: Lee Soo Hyun Kay

  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16

After his mother is brutally murdered by the Triad in Thailand, Soo-hyun (Lee Joon-Gi]) is adopted by NIS agent Kang Joong-ho, and he grows up with Min-ki (Jung Kyoung-Ho) like brothers. Min-ki and Soo-hyun both become NIS agents later on. One fateful day, Soo-hyun meets Ji-woo (Nam Sang-Mi) after last seeing her in Thailand when he was a child. They start dating. One day, Soo-hyun ruins a mission when the suppressed memories of the day his mother died surfaces in his mind. NIS Director Jung gives Soo-hyun an undercover assignment to infiltrate the Triad and Soo-hyun takes the job. Soo-hyun fakes his death and assumes a new identity to become a member of the Triad. With his fake identity and new name, he prowls the back alleys of Bangkok…

2005 | My Girl

Role: Seo Jung-woo

  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 16

Contract marriage? The couple won’t live in the same room. In the end, they actually will anyway. Contract dating? Why be shy when you’re going to date anyways? What? Contract siblings? That is quite something if you ask me. However, there is one bizarre contract between two couples. Her major is creative writing (overflowing with lies), double majoring in acting (nice looking face with exceptional acting skills), minor major in broadcast entertainment (wonderful showmanship with quick agility of wit). Joo Yu-rin has an imprudent European attitude with full capability to do anything along with her good looks. There’s also Seol Gong-chan, a mighty fortunate man, who could handle any business of his own that he wants. There cannot be a more fatal chance of meeting than the one they have; nonetheless they get make a “contract sibling” agreement perhaps by their will or not. However, the two must join forces to go through the hardship that they must face… There’s another couple that get involved. Jung-woo who is a free-loving person, and Gong-chan’s past sweetheart, Se-hyun, a famous Korean sports star. Jung-woo gets quite frustrated by Yu-rin who keeps escaping from him, and Se-hyun keeps thinking of her past sweetheart, Gong-chan and can’t seem to let him go. Despite the small fights, the loving feelings that suddenly arise between Gong-chan and Yu-rin, and Jung-woo and Se-hyun’s love for them. What would happen between these four?

2004 | Drama City: What Should I Do?

Role: Seong Ho (guest, ep234)

A rampant boy, whose mother is very ill, has problems coping with his ill mom and doesn’t get along with his dad. After one of his arguments with his dad, he runs out of the house to let off steam by playing with his roller blades. Somehow he traveled through time he meets his parents prior to their dating.

2020 | Flower of Evil

Role: Baek Hee-Sung

  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes:

Cha Ji-Won (Moon Chae-Won) is a detective. She is married to Baek Hee-Sung (Lee Joon-Gi) and they a daughter. Baek Hee-Sung seems like a committed husband and father, but he hides his cruel past and lives under another person’s identity. He deceives his wife completely. Cha Ji-Won learns of his deception and chases his past.

2018 | Lawless Lawyer

Role: Bong Sang-Pil

  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16

Bong Sang-Pil works as an attorney and has one of the highest win rates in the country. Bong Sang-Pil will take advantage of any loopholes in the law. He stands before the court for his mother’s revenge, opposing absolute power.

When Bong Sang-Pil (Lee Joon-Gi) was little, he lived with his mother in Gisung. His mother worked as a lawyer and she took on a case that Judge Cha Moon-Sook (Lee Hye-Young) got involved with. Judge Cha Moon-Sook was the most respected person in the city. One night, Bong Sang-Pil witnessed his mother get killed by Judge Cha Moon-Sook’s subordinate (Choi Min-Soo). Bong Sang-Pil got out of Gisung and went to live with his gang boss uncle Choi Dae-Woong (Ahn Nae-Sang). Bong Sang-Pl decided to become a lawyer to take revenge on those responsible for his mother’s death.

18 years later, Bong Sang-Pil works as a lawyer. He sees news on the TV that a detective was arrested for killing the mayor of Gisung. The detective holds a key to the murder of Bong Sang-Pil’s mother. Bong Sang-Pil returns to Gisung for the first time in 18 years. He opens up a law office there.

Meanwhile, Ha Jae-Yi (Seo Ye-Ji) is a lawyer with integrity. She beats up a judge in court and gets her law license suspended. Ha Jae-Yi returns to her hometown of Gisung. There, Bong Sang-Pil approaches Ha Jae-Yi and gets her to work at his law office. Bong Sang-Pil holds a secret related to the death of Ha Jae-Yi’s mother.

2016 | Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Role: Wang-So

  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 20

When a total eclipse of the sun takes place, Hae-Soo (IU) travels back in time to the Goryeo era. There, she falls in love with Wang So (Lee Joon-Gi) who makes other people tremble with fear.

2015 | She Was Pretty

Role: himself (ep.9)

  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16

When Sung-Joon (Park Seo-Joon) was young, he was ugly and fat. He also didn’t have any friends, but popular and pretty Hye-Jin (Hwang Jung-Eum) became his friend. She gave him comfort on rainy days when Sung-Jung feels traumatised. They held a special connection with each other, but Sung-Joon and his father moved to the United States.   15 years later, Sung-Joon returns to South Korea. He and Hye-Jin are set to meet again for the first time in many years, but Hye-Jin is unable to show herself in front of Sung-Joon who is looking for her. Both of their appearances have completely changed. Sung-Joon is now handsome and perfect in his appearance, while Hye-Jin looks nothing like her former pretty self. Hye-Jin is also unemployed and looking for a job.

Hye-Jin then asks her best friend Ha-Ri (Koh Joon-Hee) for help. Ha-Ri is to pretend she is Hye-Jin and go meet Sung-Joon. At their meeting, Ha-Ra pretends to be Hye-Jin and tells Sung-Joon that she is leaving for England the next day to study.

Later, Hye-Jin, as an intern at a fashion magazine, meets Sung-Joon who is an editor at the fashion magazine.

2014 | Gunman in Joseon

Role: Park Yoon-kang

  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 22

In 19th century Joseon dynasty, Park Yoon-Kang is the son of the best swordsman in the country. His father and younger sister then get killed. To take revenge, Park Yoon-Kang gives up his sword and become a shooter. 

2012 | Arang and the Magistrate

Role: Kim Eun-oh

  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 20

Eun-Oh (Lee Joon-Gi) is one of the few who can see and hear ghosts. He heads for Miryang where he last saw his mother. His mother has being missing for 10 years. While walking with his servant (Kwon Oh-Jung), Eun-Oh sees a ghost named Arang (Shin Min-A) being chased by ghost hunter Moo-Young (Han Jung-Soo). Eun-Oh pretends to not see them, as this is his usual routine when he comes across ghosts. Arang is able to get away from Moo-Young the ghost hunter by throwing peach blossom petals at him.

2008 | Iljimae

Role: Yong / Lee Geom

  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 20

On a night when the plum blossoms were in full bloom, young Geom (actor Yeo Jin-gu) witnessed the death of his father. The black emblem engraved on the sword shone under the moonlight… His father’s blood was splattered on the plum blossoms… After that night, Geom’s life became a wretched existence. He was adopted by a thief, Swe Dol (actor Lee Moon Shik) who named him Yong.

2006 | The 101st Proposal

Role: guest

  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 15

The absurd situation begins when an old bachelor (Lee Moon-sik) minus the looks, minus the education, and minus even the family background is set up with a “Ms. Perfect” (Park Seon-yeong) for a blind date. But the real problem starts after the date. The guy decides that he could give up his life for her sake. Dal-jae wants to be a decent guy, at least in front of Soo-jung. However, the death of her first love, Chan-hyuk, has put Soo-jung’s life at a standstill. It was her aunt who badgered her into going out on the blind date. Amazingly, her blind date says the exact same words Chan-hyuk had said to her when he proposed to her. But it turns out that the blind date’s younger brother had given him lessons on sweet-talking! Soo-jung becomes angry when she finds out about it and tries to be cold to Dal-jae, but his naivety makes Soo-jung smile. Now, Dal-jae finally has hope in life and Soo-jung gradually opens up to him. But when Woo-joon (Jeong Seong-hwan), who looks exactly like Chan-hyuk suddenly appears in her life, Soo-jung starts to lose ground and Dal-jae crumbles helplessly…

2004 | Star's Echo

Role: Chan Gyu

Sung-Jae (Jo Hyun-Jae) works as a guide for a part-time job on Jeju island. He heads over to a tour bus by tourist’s request. During this time, Misaki (Noriko Nakagoshi) goes to Jeju island with her boy friend Shuuji (Shosuke Tanihara). Misaki meets Sung-Jae for the first time while Misaki and Shuuji have an argument.

Misaki wants to stay at a luxurious hotel, but Shuuji can’t afford the hotel. Everything seems too much to Shuuji. Misaki gets depressed & wanders the outdoor stage of a hotel alone. She then hears piano music and becomes fascinated by it. Misaki finds Sung-Jae playing the piano. They say hi to each other. When Misaki leaves, Sung-Jae finds a necklace which Shuuji gave to Misaki. Later, while Sung-Jae guides tourists, he passes a car accident that involved Shuuji and Misaki.

As time passes, Misaki is back in Japan and becomes a cold person unlike her previous character. After his father’s business goes bankrupt, Sung-Jae gives up playing his own music and works for a karaoke song writing company. His girlfriend Ji-Young (Lee Da-Hae) is not happy with Sun-Jae’s decision. Sung-Jae gives her the necklace picked up on Jeju island.

Meanwhile, Misaki gets a job. She plans to go to Korea on business with her boss Shuichi.

Sung-Jae heads to Mt. Jiri to meet his cousin Chan-Kyu (Jun-ki Lee). There Sung-Jae also meets Misaki again, who is a member of an online star watching club. Misaki asks Sung-Jae to give her back the necklace, but Sung-Jae denies knowing anything about the necklace.

Ji-Young disappointed with Sun-Jae’s listlessnes, leaves him. Misaki feels something in common with Sung-Jae. They go out and spend time together. On the way, Sung-Jae pretends to be drunk and asks Misaki to drive. Misaki refuses. Sung-Jae then asks Misaki to forget Shuuji, but she turns away.

2003 | Nonstop 4

Role: Guest

  • Network: MBC

This is another season of the Nonstop sitcom which shows the everyday life of students who live in a dorm.