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Petition for Interview with Lee Joongi

Hi everyone,

This is a reminder that the petition has started for Lee Joongi to be interviewed by Simon & Martina from Eat Your Kimchi. The petition will end March 31, 2013 and after it is done I will contact IMX to see if they could set it up for Lee Joongi to be interviewed by Simon & Martina. If everything goes well, then we’ll hear from Simon & Martina about the interview and I’ll let you guys know if you don’t watch Eat Your Kimchi. So please spread the word and get people to sign the petition. The more people we get to sign it the better. It will show IMX that we would really like for Lee Joongi to be on Eat Your Kimchi. And remember that they have a studio now so interviews are so totally possible and who knows what they’ll have prepared for us, so spread the word. I have banners if you’d like to use them, they are in our Facebook photos >>>¬† If you want to read the petition then you can read it here >>>¬†

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