Itunes – There’s a first for everything after all.

So I just discovered that Lee JoonGi’s album – Exhale, is actually on itunes….no way right?! Wrong! For the first time EVER, out of all 4/5 or is it 6 mini albums he released, it finally made it to Itunes. So now I and many other international fans can buy it online…at least we can listen to it now, whereas before we could only dream, or pay XXX amount of dollars to get a physical album…which I have done in the past and will again in the future, but now I get to at least listen to it right away instead of 10-20 days later regardless of which shipping option I choose.



Group Order for U.S. Residents [Exhale Album]

559520_741805259246956_8951986519967014983_nTo anyone living in the U.S., we will be doing a group order for Lee Joongi’s new album. If you would like to order it you can send your payment to our paypal account and we will ship it to you once we receive the order. We will only be ordering ONE time. Deadline for payment will be November 18, 2014 Midnight Pacific Standard Time. Please see total amount for albums below (it also includes shipping in the U.S.). You can send payment to via paypal or click the Add to Cart button.

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New Mini Album [ExHale]

Release Date: 11/21/2014


exhale_aTYPE A:

1. U
2. Ma Lady
3. Bring da beat
4. Ma Lady (inst ver)

PRICE: 2,592 YEN

2592 Japanese Yen equals
23.7591 US Dollar

exhale_bTYPE B:

1. U
2. Ma Lady (Japanese. Ver.)
3. For a While
4. U (inst ver)

PRICE: 2,592 YEN

2592 Japanese Yen equals
23.7591 US Dollar

exhale_cTYPE C:

1. U
2. Ma Lady
3. Ma Lady (Japanese. Ver.)
4. For a While
5. Bring da beat
6. Ma Lady (inst ver)
7. U (inst ver)

PRICE: 2,376 YEN

2376 Japanese Yen equals
21.7792 US Dollar



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“CBC” Mini Album

Here’s another version of the “Tonight” mini album. All international fans can buy it here and I think here.


Disc. 1
1.The Answer (Intro)
3.Case By Case
5.Lost Frame
Disc. 2
1.[DVD] 컨텐츠: 안무연습, 녹음현장 메이킹 영상, 약 15분 가량 (실제 영상 시간은, 다소
차이가 있을 수 있음)
This album [CBC] Actor Lee Jun-ki’s new challenges and directions in music tended toward the unfiltered

Flooding that actress music and more music other routes.
New music was thirsty work mAd sOuL cHiLd Lee Sang – Yeol and producer team bakgeuncheol of Night & Day from Taiji band, keyboardist Lee Shin – Ho Lee was involved as a producer.

Title song Lost Frame, followed by rich melodies and lyrical synthesizer, guitar harmonics, like a wave meter allow flows with heavydrums and synthesizer noise filled explosion. Noticeable viscosity used instead of lead guitar synthesizer

Vocalizations of music, unlike the first attempt ever being geuroulring actor Lee Jun-ki’s aggressive rap, poking through the sharpenedlyrical melody of Lee roundabout can be a challenging expression. .

DVD Region Code: 0 (all regions) play

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“Tonight” Single Cover

tonight_A tonight_B

source: Splendor

Buy Online at Brokore – Japanese:  (Type A) (Type B)