Itunes – There’s a first for everything after all.

So I just discovered that Lee JoonGi’s album – Exhale, is actually on itunes….no way right?! Wrong! For the first time EVER, out of all 4/5 or is it 6 mini albums he released, it finally made it to Itunes. So now I and many other international fans can buy it online…at least we can listen to it now, whereas before we could only dream, or pay XXX amount of dollars to get a physical album…which I have done in the past and will again in the future, but now I get to at least listen to it right away instead of 10-20 days later regardless of which shipping option I choose.



Lee JoonGi [Exhale] Wall Scroll Preorder

We will be selling Lee Joongi’s wallscrolls for the various album covers for Exhale. The size of the wall scroll is 32 inches by 32 inches. The wallscroll is made from the highest quality cloth. The wall scrolls are made and shipped in the U.S. so shipping cost will be between $7.95 and $11.95 depending on where you live in the U.S.


Currently the price is $34.99 per scroll, however if we can get a group order of 25 scrolls of (1) album cover the price will drop by $10.00. Note that when you initially pay for your wall scroll it will be $34.99 and IF we get an order of 25 of the same wall scroll we will refund you $10.00.