JGI Updates

Gift Project: Fan Art Photo Book

I’m putting together a photo book of Fan Art of Lee Joongi to send to him in May. If you’d like to be included in this project you can send your art and a message to Joongi to me via email at

All messages can NOT be longer than 4 sentences or a short paragraph. The message MUST be in ENGLISH and it will be translated to Korean later on, you can also include a translation in your original language.

Fan Art must be in JPG format and no larger than 1MB in size, but it must be a minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixels.  You can also include a small picture of yourself as well with the art and message.

There is some recent artwork that I would like to include but I’m not sure who the artists are so when I post images, if any of the art work is yours please let me know. Thanks ~Rin Sanada

If you would like to donate any funds to help pay for the cost of the project please let me know and I’ll send you our paypal account info. Thank you.