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Two Weeks Drama Update

Anyone else excited for dramas that are still months and months away? Le sigh. MBC’s upcoming thriller Two Weeks stars Lee Jun-ki as a framed murder suspect on the run, with a prosecutor (Kim So-yeon) and a killer (Song Jae-rim) on his trail. Now we can add Ryu Soo-young (Rascal Sons, Ojakkyo Brothers) to that list, because he’ll play the detective who leads the manhunt. Is there anyone in this drama who won’t be chasing Lee Jun-ki?


The chase thriller stars Lee Jun-ki as an ordinary man who finds out one day that he has an eight-year old daughter that he never knew about with his first love (Park Ha-sun). The child has leukemia (perhaps the reason his ex seeks him out after all this time), and he has to race to save her life. But he runs into a bit of a problem when he… oh, GETS FRAMED FOR MURDER, and then suddenly has to flee for his life from cops, prosecutors, and assassins. Throw in a nun and you’ve got a farce.

Ryu Soo-young will play an elite detective who runs the case, and he’ll also be part of a love triangle with Park Ha-sun and Lee Jun-ki. Wait, don’t tell me he’s her new boyfriend. Isn’t that a conflict of interest if he’s chasing down her ex for murder?

I’m pretty excited for the writer alone, who penned My Daughter Seo-young, 49 Days, Prosecutor Princess and Brilliant Legacy. This drama sounds a bit darker, and also plans to stick to a two-week time frame for the story, which is another plus. It’s a great way to ratchet up the tension and keep the suspense alive (and believable), so I’m really looking forward to the chase.

Two Weeks follows Queen’s Classroom and premieres in August on MBC.


Source/Credit: Drama Beans

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